Simple cutlery tool in the form of a credit card

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Simple cutlery tool in the form of a credit card

It sometimes happens to all of us, whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, we get hungry. The word sometimes is mentioned because sometimes it happens in places or situations, when we don’t have cutlery, not even a spoon, at our finger tips, to conveniently consume whatever we can get our hands on. Whether we buy French fries at some food stand or some salad at the deli, our NESYTA will surely come in handy.

The term NESYTA comes from a known fairytale character – a young man, who ate as much as ten could but worked as hard as ten...

nesyta koty


Length 3.31 in.
Width 2.13 in.
Thickness of material 0.04 in.
Weight 0.49 oz.
Hardness 57 HRC

It is a simple cutlery tool in the form of a credit card. Thanks to such a design, you can have it with you at all times and you will in no way be bothered by its size and weight, which is a mere 14 grams! In terms of its design, it is a simple, metal tool, optimized for convenient consumption of solid, salad and pureed meals. The NESYTA design creates a fork and a spoon. However, the spoon is not deepened. Therefore it is not possible to eat for example, watery soups with it. NESYTA is made of chrome-molybdenum stainless steel and to ensure maximum durability, it is hardened to 57 HRC! The surface of the tool is polished to a mirror finish to minimize the sticking of food and easy maintenance, which only means keeping NESYTA clean. The maximum usefulness of the tool lies in the fact that you can use a regular polymer case, which we know from standard credit cards, to carry it around! Therefore, NESYTA can be taken anywhere, where there is room for a standard credit card, which nowadays, is almost everywhere.

NESYTA will serve you for many years and will help you eat, wherever hunger strikes. A student can eat in the park during his break, a truck driver can eat at a highway rest area, a hiker can eat in the forest and a soldier can eat anywhere in the trenches…


in any weather


assistant in motion


use me anywhere


„I sometimes go out for a run. Last week I “managed” to stick a rather large nail in my shoe. I would probably have had to go home barefooted, but I carry your Qveccko around my neck and sometimes on my wrist or ankle (depending on what I wear :-)). Thanks to it I pulled the nail out and carried on as if nothing happened. Perhaps some will find it interesting…″

Andrea, Brno

„I am a Glock enthusiast. I come from Vienna and on my visit in the Czech Republic I bought Mraveneccek. I own basically every piece of accessory one can get for Glock pistols. Mraveneccek is just a little zilch of a thing, but so far I had more than a few opportunities to use it. It serves just as well as the original Glock tool, but I carry Mraveneccek on me at all times. I carry it on my keyring and I basically forget it is there. I even used it as a screwdriver once. It is such a little helper that deserves these few words...″

Martin, Vienna

„I also bought Mraveneccek and so I follow up on the “Glock-man”. I also carry it on my keyring and I give it the same rating. Once I bought it, I naturally had to try it out and it was completely fine. Besides Glock maintenance I occasionally use it as a pick for French fries :-)″

Aleš, Tišnov

„I would like to express my appreciation of the STISTEE pendant and thank the KVCHYNKA company. As I was mowing the grass in my orchard this year I found a tick attached to my right knee. Having considered what to use to remove it, I remembered I had a pendant on my keys. I used the pendant to twist and remove the tick before it could grasp. I think it is great to have this thing handy.″

Zbyněk, Břeclav

„Just a little story. I have been wearing the QVECCKO pendant on a chain around my neck for several months now. So far I thought it was just a pretty trinket. But one time when I was walking my dogs I noticed that Chess has a limp in one leg. When I checked it I found he has a thorn broken inside. If it wasn't for your pendant, I probably wouldn't be able to get it out. Poor Chess would have to limp on a few more kilometers back home. Thank you QVECCKO!″

Petra, Hustopeče